Ladies shoes for different seasons

Shoes form an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. In fact, the fascination of women for shoes is legendary. The infamous Imelda Marcos had more than 3000 pairs of shoes in her collection. But it is not how many pairs of shoes we have that matters but it is having the correct pair of shoes for the purpose or occasion which are more important. The famed actress, Marilyn Monroe noted, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” But choosing a pair of shoes could be quite a challenge with the variety of shoes available in the market today.  The best way to start is getting dressed for the weather. Here is an overview of the popular types of shoes for the cold season and also for the summer months.

Winter shoes: Especially for women in snowy and icy winters, a good-quality pair of winter shoes is an absolute must. They should be weather proof, have good traction and keep the feet and ankles insulated against the cold. And a good pair of leather boots is simply ideal for the cold winter months.  They are practical, comfortable and equally stylish at the same time.

The ladies moccasin is also another shoe perfect for cold weather.  Moccasins are commonly referred to as deck shoes or boat shoes.  Moccasins come in a variety of styles and they may vary from casual suede slipper style moccasins to leather moccasins.  Some of the popular styles of moccasins are slipper moccasins, loafer moccasins, Deck Shoe Moccasins, Moccasin Boots and Moccasin Heels.

Summer Shoes: A ladies summer shoe is light and usually open on the top which allows the feet to breathe. People spend more time outdoors during the summer, as summertime usually means spending the day at the beach, taking a walk around a local park, or hanging out with friends in the sunshine. During summer ladies indulge in a variety of dresses and they need to have the right shoes to match those cooler summer outfits.  And there are numerous varieties of ladies summer shoes ranging from ballerina flats and clogs to wedges and sandals.  A pair of sandals or slippers is an essential collection for the summer. Their comfortability and ease slip-on feature makes slippers convenient attire for a day at the beach or cleaning up the garbage. You can find a whole variety of ladies slippers in the market today, including Ethnic Slippers, Designer Sandals and Fancy Ladies High Heel Sandals. A simple search with the keywords, “Ladies slippers UK” will yield a number of sites providing a variety of slippers around the Nation.  Online shopping has proven to be a boon for shoes-shoppers as they can now easily shop for shoes from the comfort of their chairs. Anyone can order shoes online any day and anytime of the year now.


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